I  The Beautiful girls  sono un gruppo roots reggae australiano. McHugh, fondatore del gruppo descrive così la scelta del nome della band: “la scelta del nome è stata fatta per contrastare ironicamente gli atteggiamenti macho ed i relativi nomi ‘da duro’ delle band”.


Gratitude – Beautiful girls

Some they keep living with no gratitude
too busy straightening their three piece suits
count all their money in a mixing pot
don’t see, the more you’ve got, the more you want
and you will never ever have the lot, no

each day we live it is on borrowed time
give you my love, i wanna walk that line.
some say the writing on the wall is drawn
is it the more you give?
or the more you take?
because you better know what side you’re on.
so, come on,

you’re just too rude, you’re just too rude

this is my gratitude
‘see, some they get lost in the scrap for the dough.
equating all the paper they have with their soul.
too busy counting up all the things that they own,
or tipping up their cups and announcing a toast.
cold rollin’ in a lexus or mercedes benz
chillin’ with their hair slicked back, collars in
go rock the body kit with the 20 inch rims
or hit the dancefloor,
pray the ladies bend, bend.
and, see by now i know what you’re all gonna say,
that who the hell am i to be judging this way?
well, in my own defence, i would just like to say
that, son, like a sucker you will surely get played.
and, if it’s by your girl, or your friends or some dude,
it’s just it’s incorrect where you put your values,
you won’t get no respect with ya bad attitude,
don’t even try begin,
boy, you’re just too rude.
you’re just too rude…

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